Well it’s been an interesting few days. Manage to tick off a few firsts; saw my first ballet, Swan Lake and attended my first classical recital, vivaldi’s four seasons. As well as all this had a great opportunity to explore and see another of Europe’s great cities.

This particular story seems to be one of resistance, against repression. Originally this city grew like any other into another European hub of culture, with all the fancy buildings, wealth and art that usually go along with the status.

But then unfortunately at the turn of the 20th century like many other places, Prague or Praha as it is said in Czech, was crying out fir reform. People were desperate and the established order was not doing much to help. In their desperation people turn to extremes.

But before these could take hold, Prague and the whole of Czechoslovakia was invaded and occupied by the German third rich and suffered greatly under is tyranny. Before the whole of the country was taken, large parts were annexed to Germany, a decision which was made at a meeting that the Czech people were not represented at.

They struggled to be recognised as a nation, having split from the Austro-Hungarian empire at the end of the first World War. The Czech people had to fight to be recognised. This can be seen through operation anthropoid, the SOE mission to assassinate Reinhard Heinrich by. Czech agents, with the assistance of the resistance.

For this the agents, resistance members and country as a whole paid a terrible cost. As they did after the war when they were occupied by the soviet Union. Under this regime the Czech people lost a lot of there freedoms and suffered under a regime which exploited its wealth, indoctrinated its people and imprisoned anyone who complained or resisted.

Yet again these people did not give up. They continued to voice there opinions and protested despite the risks and the costs. Finally when this regime crumbled the Czech people again, quickly embraced change and eventually grew into the nation it is today.

An amazing city, an amazing people and an amazing story.

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