Vienna or Wein, as it is pronounced in German, is a city of great beauty. Amazing palaces, beautiful gardens, extensive art collections and a city which gave the music world the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and others.

It’s amazing going around all these different places and seeing how they shared roots and ideas. The down side is, you can can find things become slightly repetitive. To deal with this I took a different approach to this one. Instead of diving in everywhere, a trying to assimilate as much information as possible: I decided instead just to go round sightseeing and just get the I overview.

One thing that struck me most over the past couple of days is how beauty is so subjective. You can go around and see amazing art collection, buildings and architecture or just really amazing views of a city. Then as you move to the next, you can then be quickly inspired by the next set of amazing sights and completely forget what you have previously seen.

But bizarre and maybe thinking a bit too much into it, but the joys of this trip is that I have had a lot of to think and reflect. Which is nice. Anyways the journey goes on, next stop Munich in Bavaria, Germany.


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