A city with a different flavor and vibe, compared to the others that I have visited. It has similarity to the others though, beautiful art amazing buildings big gardens and of course great beer, arguably the best beer around.

As other places that I have visited, history has left its mark on the place for both good and bad. The good is all the amazing architecture and the exploration of the arts under kind Ludwig the second and sadly even though what stands today is a reconstruction due to large parts if the city being destroyed in WW2 and yet what stands to the day really inspires us and gives us our ideas about what we think to be typically German, even though its actually Bavaria.

Sadly though like everywhere else it has it dark parts, because it was in Munich during the 1920’s that the Nazi party grew and had its base and as we know they expanded gained control of the country and the rest is unhappy history. However even though this was the origin of the Nazi movement not everyone fell in line, indeed some chose to passively resist by doing something as simple as avoiding a monument where it became law to give a Nazi salute as you walked by. Over time though the nazis found was to deal with these people and those who were resisting the regime were sent to Dachau concentration camp, not surprisingly one of the first to be constructed.

Anyway that’s all the unhappy stuff out the way. So what else did I see. Well I managed to get round the old Olympic Park truly amazing and massive place, but that in itself has its own sad story, where by some Palestinian terrorists kidnapped Israeli athletes and sadly these athletes lost their lives along with the terrorists when attempt was made to free them. Yet it is amazing how despite this the games continued to honour the spirit of the Olympic games, namely to bring people together through sport and fair play.

Also saw the beautiful castle of Neuschwanstein, (new Swan Stone). A wonderful creation of King Ludwig of Bavaria. This really is a fairytale castle, designed as a means of escape and a place where he could escape from reality.

There was also a day trip back into Austria to Salzburg, (salt fortress). Another beautiful place, in which parts were used in the filming of sound of music. Though the Austrians are not the biggest fans, which is a shame.

Finally to end on a really happy not let’s talk about beer. You can’t go to Munich without experiencing the beer. Its plentiful and it tastes great. The city boast the world’s largest Beer has and beer gardens and has a seemingly unique drinking culture. Where you can turn up to a place; sit down with strangers, share stories, drink beer and sing songs, not forgetting to say prost and smash the glasses together at then (top tip, ensure you make eye contact throughout the whole process)

Final point, the traditional clothes are epic.

Next and final stop Roma

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